How do you get beyond a PowerPoint slide, that says: “I’m doing something with blockchain.”?


I think there is almost no CIO or CDO in Europe, who does not do or pretend to do a blockchain project.

But what is the reality behind that? Most companies shy away from real life blockchain projects due to the inherent complexity that is typically sold alongside this new technology.

IBM sells blockchain as “team sport” as they call it, and require their clients to integrate costomers, suppliers and other market participants in the blockchain project to get started. That is typically expensive and with very limited success, since most of the market participants are at max partially interested in doing something right now. Their priorities are just not the same…

What if you could get something out of blockchain as a technology today, without having to involve anyone else? What if you could do something with that technology, without having to fear, that you’re just creating another proof of concept that is destined to die? What if you could do something that helps your company, saves money, speeds up processes and is fun too?

You can.

I did a talk about that this cear at CeBIT and here’s the video:

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