My job is to be a sounding board. Somebody you can discuss problems with, brainstorm ideas with or get feedback. It is not my job to give you all the answers, but to help you work through issues yourself and find the right solution for you.

Venture Advisory

I can make your business happen. I have myself been through many of the pitfalls, new ventures go through and I can help you avoid some of them. It is my job to support you in making your venture a successful one.

CDO as a Service

Digital has changed our world. It has changed consumers and it is changing business. You need that represented at the executive level. Some call it a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), others a Chief Customer Officer. Whatever the name, you need an understanding of digital and connected business on your board. Finding those people is hard. It is even harder to pay for another full-time executive. Instead, consider outsourcing the position.

Product Strategy

Product success depends on the right strategy. From user and market identification to competitive and technology analysis, from profitability and innovation checks to a market and portfolio strategy you have to take many decisions. I am an expert in product management and help you find the right strategy for your product.

Tech Team Building

Do you need product owners, engineers, designers, testers or operations experts? I have been hiring and running tech teams for many years and can help you find the right people for your venture and build a real and strong team for you. I can even run the teams for you for a while.

Digital Training

Would you like to inspire your staff about the potential of digital? Teach them how to use digital to provide a better service and be more efficient? Or maybe you need some digital training for your team? If so I can help.